tips for dealing with neck pain
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tips for dealing with neck pain

Neck pain can be simply unbearable at times. It makes it difficult to sleep, walk, sit and do just about anything comfortably. I know this because I had dealt with it for nearly two years before I found any relief. It was not until I began going to a chiropractor that I found that life did not have to be so painful. The chiropractor made regular adjustments each week and helped me learn what I could do to make myself more comfortable. I have included everything that my chiropractor taught me on my website to help others going through the same struggles as I did.


tips for dealing with neck pain

Helping Your Children Overcome Discomfort At A Pediatric Chiropractor

Vicki Jones

Children can sustain a wide number of injuries and ailments that affect their skeletal systems. These conditions can cause tremendous pain that over-the-counter medications simply cannot relieve.

Rather than leave your children in pain, you can seek out professional care for them. You can start by making an appointment with an experienced pediatric chiropractor for them. 

Thorough Examination

The pediatric chiropractor that you take your children to will first perform a thorough examination to find out what is wrong. He or she needs to know if your children's pain stems from simple growing pains or if it comes from something more serious like a dislocation or sprain.

This exam can involve a manual inspection of the patients' joints, bones, and muscles. It can also involve x-rays that will tell this healthcare provider if there is a fracture or serious injury in their skeletal system. Once the pediatric chiropractor knows what is wrong, he or she can devise a plan to relieve your children's pain.

Manual Manipulation

If their pain comes from something like a slipped disc or out-of-place joint, they may undergo manual manipulation to get the disc or joint back in place. This manipulation can involve the pediatric chiropractor putting pressure on the affected part to move it back. It can also involve massaging to coax the part back to where it needs to go.

Older children may likewise undergo traction and decompression to take pressure off their joints and back. These treatments can be effective in realigning patients' backs and necks and relieving pain from migraines, shoulder and upper back stiffness, and lower back distress.

Continued Treatment

Once your children are out of pain, they want to remain free from further distress. However, once they go back to playing sports and carrying out other regular activities, they could suffer the same pain and limited mobility. 

To keep them out of pain, you can continue to take them to a pediatric chiropractor for continued treatment. They can remain under the care of this healthcare provider for as long as they compete in sports or undertake activities that put their skeletal system at risk.

A pediatric chiropractor can provide critical treatment to keep your children out of pain. He or she can perform a thorough examination to find out what is causing their pain. He or she can also use manual manipulation and provide continued treatment to relieve their discomfort.

Reach out to a pediatric chiropractor to learn more.