tips for dealing with neck pain
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tips for dealing with neck pain

Neck pain can be simply unbearable at times. It makes it difficult to sleep, walk, sit and do just about anything comfortably. I know this because I had dealt with it for nearly two years before I found any relief. It was not until I began going to a chiropractor that I found that life did not have to be so painful. The chiropractor made regular adjustments each week and helped me learn what I could do to make myself more comfortable. I have included everything that my chiropractor taught me on my website to help others going through the same struggles as I did.


tips for dealing with neck pain

Four Unexpected Ways A Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help

Vicki Jones

A chiropractor's office is often your first call when you're fed up with living with chronic back aches or neck pain, but seeking relief for a variety of other ailments is also possible through an adjustment. Although taking pain medication often provides temporary relief, it's not treating the actual root of your discomfort in the same way a chiropractic adjustment does. Before reaching for a pill, grab the phone and book a consultation with a chiropractor and you could soon be bidding farewell to your pain once and for all. Here are four ways a chiropractor can help you.

Relief For Headaches

Suffering from headaches can drastically affect your quality of life, but a chiropractor can often provide a solution. People develop headaches for a variety of reasons, including due to tight muscles and a disc impingement in the neck. A series of treatments will get your spine in proper alignment to not only reduce the tightness of your muscles, but also manipulate your spine to take pressure off the nerves. A chiropractor can also recommend some lifestyle and postural changes to employ between treatments.

Stress Reduction

If you're looking for a helping hand to reduce your stress, consider the chiropractor. Restoring your body's natural balance can help you decrease your level of stress by unwinding your spine. When your body is physically stressed because your spine isn't in proper alignment, your brain produces the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to feelings of anxiety and a "fight or flight" feeling. A chiropractic adjustment can align your spine to decrease the cortisol release and make you feel better emotionally.

Improved Sleep Quality

As many as 70 million U.S. residents have some form of sleeping difficulty, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you're among this group, seeing a chiropractor can be beneficial. Chiropractors can not only identify if you have any physical issues, such as back pain, that are limiting your sleep quality, but will also educate you on how you should be sleeping based on the health of your back. For example, some people are better suited to sleeping on their sides with a pillow between the knees.

Healthier Immune System

Chronically battling colds and other bugs is miserable, but a chiropractic adjustment can provide a welcome boost to your immune system. A back out of alignment affects your nervous system, and this system and your immune system share a close link. When an adjustment removes the pressure from the nerves in your back, you'll receive an immune system boost as a result.