tips for dealing with neck pain
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tips for dealing with neck pain

Neck pain can be simply unbearable at times. It makes it difficult to sleep, walk, sit and do just about anything comfortably. I know this because I had dealt with it for nearly two years before I found any relief. It was not until I began going to a chiropractor that I found that life did not have to be so painful. The chiropractor made regular adjustments each week and helped me learn what I could do to make myself more comfortable. I have included everything that my chiropractor taught me on my website to help others going through the same struggles as I did.


tips for dealing with neck pain

Chiropractic Help For Migraines: Stop Taking Prescription Medication

Vicki Jones

If a migraine forces you to miss work, stop exercising, and you get cut off from living a normal life until it passes, you need to find a solution besides medication. If you don't like having to take a prescription pill every time a migraine attacks, you'll want to consider chiropractic treatment and massage therapy instead.

There are many ways the chiropractor and massage therapist can help with your migraines, and you'll feel benefits throughout your entire body. Here are a few ways the chiropractor or massage therapist can help, especially if see them as soon as you feel the symptoms of a migraine coming on:

Manipulation to Relieve Pressure

It's important not to mask your migraine, but to get to the bottom of the problem. The chiropractor is going to see if there are pinched nerves, misaligned bones or tissues, or other problems that are causing your migraine. An adjustment can help to relieve the pressure or pain from the spine, up into the neck and head that triggers your migraine.

On the area has been manipulated, the chiropractor can give you exercise to help prevent poor posture or a strained skeletal structure, which can cause the migraines to return.

Massage Therapy

Many chiropractic offices have a massage therapy professional in the office, or that they can recommend that you see. Not only can the massage relieve your tight neck, back and shoulders form the migraine, but their technique is going to improve circulation which can help your migraine.

Some massage therapists to cranial massages, designed to specifically target migraines and tension headaches. If you can have one of these done before the migraine hits, you may be able to reduce the severity of the migraine, or miss it altogether. The massage is going to help relieve your stress and pains, making your entire body feel better.

If you take a migraine pill or over-the-counter headache medication every time a headache hits, you are only covering the problem. You need to find out what is causing the migraine, so you don't have a lifetime of prescription medication intake in front of you.

There are many different triggers that cause headaches, and you should try a holistic approach to your treatment with a chiropractor, to see if this helps. An adjustment to relieve a pinched nerve or altered disc could be just what you need to stop the headaches you suffer from regularly. To learn more, contact a company like The Healing Center.